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Bush Larder Trailer

This trailer was used to launch the show in London recently!! It is a 90 second trailer compiling highlights from the 12 episode series.


“Tales from the Bush Larder” takes the viewer on a culinary adventure of Kenya, focusing on the fantastic local produce and the interesting people who are responsible for them. The show is lead by Kiran Jethwa, a colourful and creative chef who uses these wonderful ingredients to produce delicious dishes, both in the bush and in his restaurant.

Episode 1: Mud Crabs
Episode 2: African Wild Honey and Game Meat
Episode 3: Crayfish
Episode 4: Rice and Fowl
Episode 5: Lake Victoria White Bait
Episode 6: Prawns
Episode 7: Mt. Kenya Trout
Episode 8: Coral Fish, Oysters and Clams
Episode 9: Dorobo Sheep
Episode 10: Octopus
Episode 11: Ostrich Egg, Cow’s Blood and Cattle Hump
Episode 12: Sailfish
Episode 13: Nile Perch and Crocodile

Catch up on more Episodes at ZUKU Africa, Channel 100 Thursdays at 8:30pm.
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